56-Year-Old Mom Murders Daughter’s Rapist And Doesn’t Get Sentenced To Any Jail Time

A mother’s maternal instinct can be fierce; we often compare mothers to bears referring to the way they can get aggressive if their offspring are threatened.

While a bear is the usual comparison, one “Lion Mama” has garnered overwhelming public support after her maternal instinct led her to stab the 3 men she caught raping her 27-year-old daughter.

On September 2nd, 2017, the South African woman, whose name has not been released, was informed by an 18-year old man that his cousin was raping her daughter nearby.

The mother, obviously distraught, attempted to contact authorities; however, she claims she did not get a response.

So, doing what any other rational mother would do— she decided to run almost 2 miles with a kitchen knife in order to rescue her daughter herself.

(I mean, they say if you want something done right…)

When Lion Mama, as she has been dubbed by the media, arrived at the scene, she walked in on 3 men taking turns raping her daughter.

Pulling out the knife, she stabbed each of them until they collapsed— injuring 2 and killing the other.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they arrested Lion Mama for both murder and attempted murder. While released on bail, however, she ultimately received an outpouring of community support.
Lion Mama’s lawyer, Buhle Tunise, agreed to represent her pro bono, and a crowdfunding website even raised over 133,000 rands (roughly $9800 USD) in donations for any other expenses Lion Mama may incur.

Tunise tells Times Live South Africa, “She still needs to go for trauma counseling for her and her daughter. We have transferred the money that was paid to us to her for her wellbeing.”
On October 8th, 2017, crowds roared when the National Prosecuting Authority announced it would be dropping the charges against Lion Mama.
Although prosecutors did not provide reasoning for their decision, spokesperson Luxolo Tyali has told South Africa’s News 24 that the chances of successfully getting a guilty verdict would have been slim.

Upon hearing the court’s decision, Lion Mama told Times Live South Africa, “I was afraid, but with the support of the people outside the court, and those who filled the court, I was strong.”
“I am happy that the charges are withdrawn against me, and I thought I was going to jail, but God was on my side.”

The two remaining rapists are currently in custody and awaiting trial.

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